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December 18, 2017

These are the reasons why duterte is one of the best President ever


– Has visited 14 military camps in just a month, including installations that no sitting president has ever laid eyes before. he laso visited military hospital and has invited wounded soldiers for a dinner get together in malacaƱang. He was also able to conduct an actual command conference in Basilan.

– Has mobilized badjaos as guardians of the seas, and provided them with the necessary vessels and equipment.

– Has Initiated peace talks with the left with the hope on ending a long standing armed struggle. Established good will by freeing prominent leftists leaders. also pursuing peace talks with muslim secessionists.

– Has Managed to negotiate for the release of foreiners held hostage by armed bandits in the south.

– Has shown disciplined, hand on and expeditious leadership in handling a terrorist crisis (Davao Bombing) managing to immediately restore normaly, personally visiting the dead and comforting the injured, and enabled the authorities to immediately track down the perpetrators. after which, he also managed to direct an all out offensive against the armed terrorists.

– Has visited batanes after a typhoon, and even if Batanes is governed by a prominent clan opposed to him.

– Has visited China, Japan, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam, russia and attended an “ASEAN SUMMIT in Laos”. Note the significance of giving priority to Asian neighbors. In china alone, he obtained commitments on invistments and loans worth a combined $24 Billion.

– In between two foreign trips, went to visit another typhoon ravahe area (Caraya and Isable), on a Sunday when most people are resting.

– Has opened MalacaƱang to leftists, the first time ever said group was able to set foot in the palace.

– Has been mentioned or is a frequent topic of conversation now across the globe so much so that he and our country were even mentioned in a campaign rally by one of the two presidential candidates in the USA.

– Has managed to significantly improve airport and airline services, and got rid of the “tanim bala scam” by a simple directive.

– Has managed to improve LRT, MRT services, including operation of basic but convenient facilities like escalators and elevators.

– Has managed to launch a nationwide emergency reponse system 911, and a nationwide government complaint center 8888 in just his first month in office.

– Has required the entire government to eliminate long lines or queue by ordinary peoplem and also simplify government transactions. For instance, drivers license are now valid for 5 years while passports will be valid for 10 years. meanwhile, all permits and license and documents like NSO certificates, seaman’s book should be released in 3 days.

– Has managed to sign an FOI for the executive branch of government, the only chief executive to do so.

– Has managed to significantly improve disaster preparedness and relief operation plus proper use and spending of government resources.

– Has managed tp adopt changes in the agricultural sector to enable the country to be self reliant in food production and distribution. Most importantly, he ordered the DA to implement FREE IRRIGATION nationwide.

– Has paved the way to genuine land reform as well as direction the release of coco levy funds to the real beneficiaries.

– Has directed the adoption of responsible mining, and ordered DENR to comprehensively review all mining permits and impose sanctions to erring mining companies.

– Has Directed the repatriation of stranded OFW’s and personally welcoming them at the airport.

– Has managed to open one stop shops for OFW requirements for ease of transactions.

– also ordered that balikbayan boxes worth less than P10,000 shold be tax free.
has ordered the discontinuance of ENDO for more than 10,000 affected workers.

– Has directed PAGCOR not renew licenses of online gambling and re-allocate its funds to be used to improve health services and education.

– Has Managed to sneak in and arround Metro Manila and presonally put to task mayors who have been sleeping on the job. This is not being mentioned officially, and there will be a denial if there will be those who will try to confirm.

FINALLY – a round up on the war on drugs

800,000 plus drug users pushers surrendering.

20,000 plus drug users pushers who were apprehended.

1,500 drug users pushers killed in legitimate police operations.

2,000 killed by unknown assailants and are under investigation.

top drug lords either arrested or killed.

protectors named

details of drug trafficking inside bilibid revealed

A 10,000 capacity mega drug rehab facility being built in Nueva Ecija

Crime rate down by more than 40%
all these in 117 days and counting

by a 71 year old foul mounth, uncouth, and psychopath president name RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE

Source: dutertedailynews.com

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